Author of the book: Makarov ET
Name of book: Electron-counting frequency meters and their calibration
The publishing of the book: ASS
The year of publication of book: 2001

The tutorial deals with the basic principles of the electron-counting frequency (ESC), designed to measure the frequency-time parameters of signals, analyzes the error of measurement, describes the metrological characteristics, normalized in the standard documentation on ESC. Detail checking technique of frequency. Discusses some of the technical solutions used to extend the range of measured frequencies, the characteristics of building ESC with built-in microprocessor.
The textbook is intended for students, employees metrological services, conducting verification or calibration ESC. The Handbook will also be useful for other professionals whose professional activity is connected with measurements in the field of time and frequency.
The manual was developed in accordance with the curriculum reviewed and approved at the Department meeting.

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